A Compendium of Exceedingly Tiny Things

Because I love you, my people, I have spent hours ruminating on how to bring more joy into your lives.

On my phone, I have a small lens, ripped from the bowels of a hapless pet store laser pointer (may it rest in peace). With this lens, I am able to take pictures of exceedingly tiny things.

Knowing thus that it shall bring you joy, I have compiled a small collection for you from my past few days on the trail. Here it is. Know that although this collection, like the love I bear for you all, may grow, all things within it shall remain exceedingly tiny. Enjoy.

No no no you still think this is too big. Stick out your pointer finger and measure its length. Yes, wee turtle was smaller than that. SO WEE.
A wee red lichen I love lichens
What is this. A fuzz? NO IT IS NOT A FUZZ. IT IS A SMALL WEE WHITE INSECT PRETENDING TO BE A FUZZ. It was trying to be a lichen, and so it had glued fuzzy things onto its back and was running away. I have not found what it was yet.
THAT IS NOT A PLANET. It did involve a very irate 8-legged denizen, who kept trying to decide if the vibrations from my camera being so close were a) a large fly, so delicious must wraps it for laters, or b) TOO LARGE RUN AWAYYY.
Cutest lichen and mosses. So cute. It is like a… aaa… a bowl. Of lichen. So cute. LICHEN BOWL.

I have not researched moss types, so I will simply tell you several categories I have placed them into that you will of course eventually see, all of which have exclamation points at the ends:

1. Starry Mosses!
2. Grassy Mosses!
3. Nubbly Mosses!
4. Mosses of Indeterminate Nature!

You can tell the last, because they are one of the first four categories, except they are in the stage where they put up these weird stalk-looking antenna things that stick waayyy (ok… so… maybe less than an inch) up above the rest of the moss. Also cute. Often interspersed with or growing on lichen.


  1. michel plamondon says:

    Great pictures Anne. You are one tough girl. I wish you good continuation. Michel


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