400+ miles in, and getting started on the Appalachian Trail

Greetings! It has been two weeks, and those weeks were full of many things. Mostly berry-eating, but also five bears, three slow-blinking turtles (One was eating a mushroom. It froze. We froze. It stared at us. We stared at it for two minutes, until our short attention spans overwhelmed us and we ran off chasing butterflies), fifteen squirrels, seven deer, and innumerable flocks of turkeys.

We have now finished hiking the Pinhoti Trail, which runs straight into the Benton Mackaye (Mack-eye) Trail, which runs southeast to Springer Mountain in Georgia. That is where we are now. The past 400 miles led us through a number of small southern towns, and some interesting sites; it also runs partially along the Trail of Tears, which is signposted along the way. It has been hot, but not too hot; somewhat humid and rainy, but less rain than before; and the trails are full of blueberries and blackberries, which I’ve already written about, which tells you exactly where my mind is. (FOOD.)

We hiked into Amicalola Falls State Park yesterday evening, and have eaten food and sat inside all day today (Ahh, sweet luxury). In an hour, we’ll head to Atlanta to drop off smallest brotherski at the airport, to go back to his erstwhile high school existence, and then I will come back and head north on the Appalachian Trail. All things are grand.

(Pictures to come shortly!)

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