Thine Sweet Hills, O Maryland

That could be a song.

I wrote a song in my head, for Maryland, when I was inside it. Unfortunately for us all, Maryland on the AT consists of 41 miles and one hill, and it was too cold. I wrote nothing, and now I have forgotten everything. Besides, the hill was really hard to walk up. It was, like… hilly and stuff.

Maryland: Also contains exploding trees. 

Dear Maryland,

You were great.


If I were more confident and outgoing, I would tell Maryland things like, “I love your smooth slopes,” and “I love that I can look up at your ridgelines and not have to climb all the way over them that was really great,” and, “You are totally one of the best states to section hike in,’ and, “Your squirrels are really fat.” They are also brown. I’ve been watching grey squirrels for hundreds of miles, and now, now I get to look at brown squirrels.

Wow. Maryland. It was great.

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