Making Friends in Pennsylvania

My people. Many, many of you have asked if I hike alone. Short answer? No. There are friends to be found everywhere on the trails, even in Pennsylvania. In the depths of winter. When it’s really cold. Like…. right before Christmas, actually. I even took pictures of them to prove it.

Here are a few of the fabulous characters you can find on the trails. Happy hiking!

For more on our compendium of exceedingly tiny things, visit here.

1. Kevin likes to stand on logs waving at passerby, but it is exceedingly hard to practice semaphore with only one arm. We believe in you, Kevin.
2. Samantha enjoys sitting out on her front rock with coffee and a leaf, decompressing after a hard day’s work. Mmm, coffee. We enjoyed that dusky sunset too, Samantha.
4. Bobbie Lee’s neighbors wish she would stop lying around with her top off. Really, Bobbie Lee?
6. Joe. JOE. Joe... We told you the water was too warm, Joe. Where are your legs now, Joe, on their way out to the wild blue yonder with all the rest of the water molecules. Jiminy crickets. We did warn you, Joe.
17. Freddy never knew the wilderness could be so dangerous. You learn something new every day, don’t you, Freddy.
8.  Foot travel only? Dorothy finds that rules in the wilderness are more like guidelines, really. I like your horse, but I can’t say I approve of your lifestyle, Dorothy.
3. William and Snowball enjoy their weekend camping trips together. Snowball especially loves lying by the snow-pit after a long day of hiking in the warm weather.

Our final glorious person was found in a campsite near a gravel road crossing. I really wish I could claim it as mine, but we all know whose it truly was…


Feel free to provide your own captions in the comments below! It’s winter. I’m on vacation. Amuse me.

-Sail Away

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  1. Grampa Jay says:

    On days when I get your messages, they are the most interesting reads for me that day. And I read a lot! Good writing.


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