Re-upping my supplies means fixing the broken things that I can fix, and replacing the things I can’t… So I just finished stitching up my pack brain last week, using some snazzy blue thread a ranger in the Shenandoahs gifted me with. I had ripped it out in… like… October. Oops.

unnamed (1).jpg

And below, I just got this awesome box in from the folks at Vargo, who were kind enough to contribute one of their external frame packs and their wood Hex stove (and alcohol backup) to an unproved hiker when I asked for sponsorship in October 2016. Thanks, guys. My life would be a lot more uncomfortable without ya. Replacement hip belt and shoulder straps! How wonderful. My old ones had been seeing some wear, so they offered to replace them for me, free of charge.


In other news, I hope you all are doing well. I am still stuck inside a house, but at least I have bagels. And ice cream. And my sweet, sweet nefarious trail plans.

Eat more ice cream, kids.


Sail Away

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