Update no. 236

Good day to you, hallo, hallo. This is a picture of a pond in New Jersey.

That Jersey shore…

New Jersey was very swampy and cute. I liked it very much. Spring was happening.



Truly I do not know where to start. Let us begin where I am right now, which is 15 miles short of the state border, in New York. I got back from South Dakota and got back on this past Thursday; when I left, there were few leaves on the trees. Now there are green things everywhere, errywhere, all verdant and growwy, and fungi and things big enough to eat, which is all we really wanted anyways. Food.

The sky spat raindrops all day yesterday; it was perfect hiking weather, very cool and cloudy, with not so much wind, but enough to blow all the bugs away when you’re on the hillsides. I traipsed up and down teeny hills, and then figured I would night hike to the next shelter, and then ran into a couple of trail maintainers who were sawing heartily at one of the large downed trees. (ONE OF THE LARGEST EVER, EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND, says Charlotte, who is currently sitting across from me at her table. So maybe I just had breakfast and am sitting in a house this morning, talking trails and camping and life and stealing winter camping pro tips like a small bloodsucker. If they give me more bacon, I will never leave.) I told them they were incredible, and they brought me home to feed me, so also I have showered, which means that my bug shield of dirt and grime and bug spray will need to be renewed.


In other tragic news, I sacrificed my trail legs to the travelling-to-see-graduation gods, and this really hurts. It hurts. Climbing hills hurts. It hurts my feet, it hurts my soul (ok not really), it hurts my lungs. Hiking is really painful sometimes. Plus there are bugs now, and they are all in my face. Ugh. Face bugs.

Also, I came back to this:

…Something is wrong here.

If you are really skilled, I assume you would just go very fast (rocket ships!!) and then launch into the air and leap sideways and make use of gravitons and then… sorry. That’s not the way that works. Sorry. Anyways, tornadoes.

Tornadoes. That’s what happens when I walk away and leave this trail. Tornadoes hit. Right where I’d have been walking through, around the time I’d have been walking through it. And then they demolish all the trees and the trails, and then everything is fallen all everywhere. I waltzed back on this weekend, and got to meet all of the trail crews who have spent the past two weeks rerouting and removing fallen limbs, and making the trail generally passable again. (It was very much not passable, before.)


Thanks, guys. You really are incredible human beings.

Instead of getting hit by tornadoes, I was wandering through active mountain-lion-with-cubs territory. #PlainsProblems. Did not get eaten.

It is 64F right now, but it’s supposed to be in the high 80s tomorrow. This weather is strange. Happy end of May! Take care of yourselves, and your people, this Memorial Day, and many thanks to you if you served.



  1. srasmithabington says:

    Hi Auntie Anne, Tell us when you’re going to reach MA! We will come walk/crawl alongside you for some miles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. srasmithabington says:

      It’s me Ciaran using my Mama Jill’s account. I am more tech savvy than she is, you know.


      1. Sail Away says:

        I’m not surprised, kid. She never was really that bright. 😂


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