Late morning reflections, with corvids.


[Trail writings, in November 2017, from north of the Shenandoahs in ole VA.]

My dear people;

Here we are. You. Probably on your phone, reading this. Me. Sitting on a mountaintop, in northern Virginny, writing this into my science notebook with one hand and eating dry ramen with the other. Presumably it will expand in my stomach, like one of those dinosaurs you drop in water and watch like a mad thing until POOF! dinosaur sponge. (Or whatever).

I appear to have lost the trail. Have no fear! I am sitting on grass and listening to the ravens croak. Eventually I will get off this cliff and go find it again. (Eventually…)

I recently spent some time with a couple section hikers. At the end of the two-and-a-half days, as our time together was coming to a close, one of them turned to me and said, “Well, I was pretty worried at first, but now I can watch you go with a clean conscience; I think you’re better prepared than almost anyone else out there.” WHAT, section hiker man? You think I know what I’m doing? …Let’s not carry this too far.

…Anyways, here I am eating dry ramen and drinking unfiltered water. The trail is behind me somewhere. I think. The sun is getting lower in the sky. Presumably I will survive this night. (One can only hope.) Farewell until next time, my dearest readers!


[from now] Hoi, hooligans. I hope you are well. That was a bit from my science notebook, because I am leaving it behind foreverrrrrr

…but only because all of the things; they are already in the excel spreadsheet. Hurray. Happy trails!

I am doing all of the science, currently in mid-Maine, taking public transportation back to the Canada trails, and reading a book by Robin Wall Kimmerer, who is many things including a biologist. She is writing about learning how to make baskets out of an ash tree, sitting with her classmates who also made their own baskets, and being told:

“Look what you’ve learned today. I want you to see what the baskets have shown you. Every one of them is beautiful. Every one of them is different and yet every one of them began in the same tree. They are all made of the same stuff and yet each is itself. That’s the way it is with our people, too, all made of the same thing and each their own kind of beautiful.”


Anyways, almost back in Canada awwwwww manohmanohman, this is so great. Also, do you have questions, such as “How many pairs of socks does Sail carry,” {two pair} and “How do you poop in the woods,” {with your butt and some toilet paper and/or leaves} and, “How would you calculate the average air speed velocity of an unladen turkey if there are no hemlock branches in its face,” {I don’t know do I look like a coconut to you}.

yes if you do think of some, send them via my contact form, and I will write about those to you, instead of just thinking thoughts to myself and then writing them.

be well, my peoples.




  1. Nancy Hathaway says:

    Dear Anne Hi just wrote a note to you but it got lost Hello from a very small village in the Czech Republic where I’ve just finished a week long retreat w many of the participants being the most loving 30+ adorable bright eyed men. Tomorrow off to Krakow. Lithuania Warsaw Berlin Prague offering workshops on Mindful Parenting and sitting another one week retreat. Fly out of Vienna March 27 Are you in NB now? Love on the trail Your roomie—Nancy



    1. Sail Away says:

      Nancy, I’m glad your trip/ retreats are so lovely! Wowowow That is so many cool places, wow. The stars last night were so beautiful. I’ll be up in NB soon, but it’ll probably be a while before its warm enough at night that I can take luminosity measurements without frostbitten fingers, haha. I’ll have to let you know how life is once I get back on. ❤


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