Not Dead, report no. 5262

Dear loves,

I am pleased to report that efforts to remain Not Dead, through the last 90 miles in New Brunswick and into Quebec’s Gaspe peninsula, appear to be mostly successful at this time. We will not update you if this status changes.

(ahahaha aww gee sorry mom bad jokes)

I have more stories for you, written, but I woke up grumpy this morning in the three-sided Matapedia shelter and was so busy not hiking, sleeping, lying in my warm sleeping bags, reading books, and walking into town to get bbq rice crisps, that I totally forgot to type them. Know that I love you anyways, you think.

I’ll be headed into the mountains tomorrow. (It was going to be today, which was a beautiful one, but I can do anything I want, and I fully appreciate being in this place in my life, so I stayed where I slept in this shelter on the bluff overlooking town. and it was beautiful. hurray.)

If any of you want a vacation, you are welcome to take one with me. Your quest, should you choose to accept it, may include:

A) meeting up for a day or so at randomly chosen small town in Quebec (Causapscal, Amqui, Mt. Albert), and skiing/snowshoeing around, with option for sitting inside warm restaurant and eating all the food, and drinking all the coffee, unless we’re going out hiking, then less coffee.

B) meeting up and hiking unbroken trail through mountainous terrain for a while. There are frozen rivers. And cabins with wood stoves. The IAT/SIA Quebec is not responsible for our continued well-being, but we can use their shelters for Not Dying, and maybe eventually give them information so they can develop a functional cross country winter route, which would be so flipping awesome.

Hem, anyways. Please contact me immediately if any of these options seem great. Different vacation packages may be made available in the coming weeks. This may or may not also be a safety thing- Quebec is the most remote section of trail I’ve hiked through so far.

Worn down by the machinations of cynical society? Tired of worrying what comes next? Take a break from it all. Come to Quebec. Stand on an icy mountaintop and brave the freezing cold. This is great. It is all so great. It really is great.

Happy trails, be well, maybe someday I’ll write you stories,


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  1. Richard Anderson says:

    YOU ARE SO AMAZING SAIL AWAY!!!!!!!!! I never met anyone like you.
    Dick Anderson


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