In Quebec city

I guess I spoke too soon when I told you I wasn’t going to be able to see Avengers. Jury’s still out on whether or not I will wastefully spend money and go eat popcorn and stuff; but for the record, I have dropped south along the St. Lawrence River, and washed up in the oldest part of Quebec City.

I know, I know… cities on a hiking trip??

I don’t know. Call it a human trip. This last couple of weeks have been really hard, in terms of continuing doing this random made-up quest that I’ve so far walked 3000 miles through the woods on, and thrown around a bunch of logistics for, and done a lot of random pick-me-up jobs to get money to continue, and currently have no intention of quitting… But man, y’all. It’s cold out here.

On the other hand, as I stare at the medical bill that finally got routed to me from last October, and try to figure out where in these Quebec mountains I’ll go while I slurp from my Nalgene that I picked up off a mountain in… oh shoot…. It had a fire tower on it… was in June. Really dry. It was part of a pile of water folks had left out for hikers. Anyways… Now that everything’s broken, and the melting snow is flooding, I’ve got plenty of time to reflect on my life choices.

It’s the mountains that are important. And learning from the folks I meet along the way, in the way we talk to one another; play our musics; interact with each other, and the environment. We build our towns differently.

I have learned more about families and communities in an area in three days, walking 54 miles between two towns, than I did in two years driving the same distance between two other areas that I lived in. Partly people will tell you things, and they’ll tell you lots if you listen. Partly, you’re walking, and you’re there.

I don’t know. Good stuff.

One of my friends sent me a link to this lady’s blog: She’s a biologist who took a sabbatical and rode her motorcycle from Oregon to South America. If you like cool trips, check out hers!

Have a good April’s end, y’all.


Edit: my people who are confused, and wondering why I’m not on the IAT, y’all need to calm down. (Stop crying!) I want to be clear that Quebec City is not a “side trip.” These mountains have been here for millennia, and are maybe bigger than a tiny strip through the center uv’em.

Cool beans, folks. If you have any questions about where I’m headed, bury them in a convenient spot and send me a treasure map. I’ll for sure get to them eventually.

peace out, scouts.


  1. Nancy says:

    Enjoy. Whatever you are doing! But I’m confused about dropping South I thought that you were south of the StL hiking the Gaspe, no?
    Are you going to Ireland for IAT meeting in June?
    I’m vacuming the barn floor today, how ‘bout that???

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    1. Sail Away says:

      Quebec City is south of the IAT, if you follow the St. Lawrence upriver along the Gaspe to where it narrows. Cool place. I've wanted to come here ever since the folks in Plaster Rock told me about the February ice sculpture festival. Here's some neat history, especially because I'm inside the old city's walls:

      And I'd say not likely, because I don't know where I'll be. It would be lovely, but I'm still in these mountains over here.


    2. Sail Away says:

      …vacuuming the BARN floor? What have you been doing in the barn??


  2. nimblewill says:

    Thinking of you today–all good thoughts…



  3. nimblewill says:

    Had a great time at the IAT 25th Annual Conference in Maine. On my way back to Alabama now.

    Photo is of Mt. Katahdin, which I took last Thursday from a vantage near Shin Pond, Maine…



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