Coolest bear claws

In other news,

here are the weirdest markings I’ve ever looked at on a beech tree and found in recent memory. Beech has really smooth bark, but it’ll frost crack, or get diseases sometimes.

Usually, its stuff like this:

which is caused by a fungal infection carried by some beech-boring insect, I forget. OH AND here’s a frost cracked tree.

It’s a birch. Bouleau. Look at how long that crack is:

But I was all proud this afternoon, because I was zoning out, then ran out of water like a lingonberry, and looked around and recognized a deer water path, and followed their tracks overmountain and down a couple side hills to refill my water. Then, feeling all woodsy, I got back and found this:

Weird, huh. I wonder what kind of fungal infection that is.

Pretty great amirite. Tree scars, yeahboiii

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