So I took a picture of a bee butt…


…and THIS IS NOW MY FAVORITE PICTURE AND my family did not appreciate it properly so now I must share it with you.

Such good job, bee! Such good.


Edit: yeah alright still walking hold your horses calmdown. Keep being awesome, humans. You’re so excellent.

Edit x2:

Very well.

And then after the picture, I got up from the piles of driftwood I was leaning against. Truly I had been afraid they were full of sand flies; but they were not. Huzzahs all around. The people behind me were sitting on a bench, possibly thinking thoughts about weird people wearing scraggly clothes who stick their faces into bee-bearing bushes.

So it goes.

Then I went over and sat on one of those wooden bench chairs they have in the parks that all these teeny Quebec towns have built. I get to stroll along the edge of the St. Lawrence for HUNDREDS OF MILES. It is widening, but you can still see the Laurentides across the river in vast blue-tinged spans, unless of course it is storming like yesterday

…then you wake up at midnight in the middle of a puddle, muttering terrible things loudly, because now your bivvy leaks. At least you have found out in this way, and not accidentally in the middle of an… wait…. an unrelenting thundersto- wait… at midnight.

Well, at least it was not hailing. At least that. At least no lightning strikes or tornadoes or earthquakes in the general vicinity alright excellent things very good moving on.

Appreciate this quay, please

I went to mass this morning like a good human, and to make up for all the horrible things I said last night. Then I spent the day reading, typing madly correspondences on my excessive bluetooth keyboard, eating some foods, and reading, and

Taking this picture for you and Glorious Posterity

Also, reading.

Humans are excellent; if they are interesting, I sit with them and make them say things to me. This leads to things like walking by a house where people shout, “HEY. Want some water… or ice cream?” and then playing board games until midnight and learning the words for useful things like “draw a card” and “put your token here” and “just trust me.” I lost terribly.

Also, woods are excellent. If they exist, sometimes I sit in them and then suddenly the day is gone


and here we are. Still woodsing. Mere yards away from whence we first began walking, ALAS. Alas.

yeahhhhh poutine Squeaky cheese and pepsi, for the rotting of the teeths donchaknow

aNYWA- hem anyways. Be good. Do great things. I have to find a job to pay for my culinary extravagances on this section of trail, because hooligans walking by restaurants is terrifying and dangerous and unsustainable.

Unsustainable, I say.

This is the worst post-publishing edit I have ever done.

Love, get off your phone and go play a board game with someone, or go outside and dance in that midnight thunderstorm for me because I definitely curled into a small ball, and it was as if I wept, the tiny drips falling down the interior of my bivvy into the puddle in the center of my sleeping mat, ohjiminyIamsosadjustthinkingaboutit, argh, argh, argh,



  1. David Ballard says:

    Continue to live well, dream well, sleep well and hopefully stay dry while doing so! Love your posts and feel blessed to share your adventures through them!
    From: That guy you met briefly having lunch at Skyland in Virginia with his sister.


    1. Sail Away says:

      Haha, glad to hear from you again! I remember our conversation well. Well… as well as I remember anything, anyways…. Be well!


  2. Mrs Joy says:

    Sail, I thought of you today and so I went in search of your blog. And I found a bee butt. My anaconda don’t want none unless it’s bee butt, hon. Excellent

    Liked by 1 person

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