Going Winter Hiking?

Alright, nerds. 

Winter is settling in; and with the shortening days it can be easy to fall into a slump. If you’re like me, and houses kill your soul a little bit, but you’re stuck because it’s freezing cold outside (and sometimes inside, too)… Here is a wee multiple-part series describing how I do wintering outside. This first part covers pre-trail preparation, clothing and footwear.

Happy Sunday!

I’ve added a thankful list, of some of the humans we can all be thankful for. Mostly me, though. You can find it under the new “Donors” section, on this blog site. Be well! eat food for me. in the woods, sail

Environmental shindigs

On a more serious note, as a scientist, a Texan, and an outdoorswoman-

I know our current administration is doing many things. Here’s another one I would like to bring to your attention, regarding data deletions…

About the Jesse Lewis Choose Love movement

Hanover, New Hampshire.

It has no hostels, but the trail runs right across the beautiful town, passing their college green and eventually meandering up behind the baseball fields to a shelter a short ways north. I don’t remember how long they’ve been doing it for, but the people who live there…