Contact and support

The best way to support this hike is to use it to inspire you to do something small, daily, that makes you or your environment a little better. It can be as tiny as spending a few minutes appreciating the wee birds, or taking a moment to let energetic particles from our solar system’s biggest fusion reactor dissolve into your face.

(That’s the sun, wombats.)


Sunset over the Hudson River, in NY

I guess, take a moment every day to do what you can, with what you have.

In secondary support: Here’s the form for messages.

I will read them. All of them. I probs will not reply. But know that I read everything that lands in my mailbox, usually while sitting on a mountain procrastinating on climbing it. Email me excellent procrastination messages via the form below.

Happy week; you are doing so well, your existence.

Yeahhh existence party such excellence