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Honestly, the best way to support this effort is to use it to inspire you to do something small, daily, that makes you a little better. It can be as small as spending a few minutes appreciating the wee birds, or taking a few moments to let energetic particles from our solar system’s biggest fusion reactor dissolve into your face. (That’s the sun, wombats.)


Sunset over the Hudson River, in NY

Other suggestions, I don’t know, you are the only one with your life. You know best what you need; and what you can manageably give to the folks around you. Take a minute a day to be still and listen to things/people in your world. (Got a skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Take a baby step (look it up?). Then another one, tomorrow, or next week. Then another.)

I guess, take a moment every day to do what you can, with what you have. Find a small practice, that gives something to yourself, or others. You’re awesome. Keep it up!

Also, send me messages. I will read them. All of them. I totally will not reply; because horrible communication. But I will be so delighted; I read everything that lands in my mailbox. You can email me excellent messages via the form below.


If you’re interested in supporting this endeavor with your hard-earned money, I use donations (plus my savings) to buy groceries, replace equipment, and occasionally pay to sleep in a bed. The button takes both Paypal or normal credit/debit cards. 

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Happy spring; and thank you for existing! You are so great. You are the best. Keep it up, ya dingus.