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The best way to support this effort is to use it to inspire you to do something small, daily, that makes you or your environment a little better. It can be as small as spending a few minutes appreciating the wee birds, or taking a few moments to let energetic particles from our solar system’s biggest fusion reactor dissolve into your face.

(That’s the sun, wombats.)


Sunset over the Hudson River, in NY

You know best what you need; and you know how best you can give to the folks around you.

Take a minute a day to be still and listen to things/people in your world. Got a skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Take a baby step. Do it. Then another, tomorrow or next week.

I guess, take a moment every day to do what you can, with what you have. Find a small practice, that gives something to yourself, or others. You’re awesome. Keep it up!

Also, send me messages. I will read them. All of them. I probs will not reply; because horrible communication. But I will be so delighted; I read everything that lands in my mailbox. You can email me excellent messages via the form below.

To donate securely with a debit/credit card or paypal account, click the linkĀ here.

Happy summer; you are doing so well, your existence.

Yeahhh existence party such excellence