Going Winter Hiking?

Alright, nerds. 

Winter is settling in; and with the shortening days it can be easy to fall into a slump. If you’re like me, and houses kill your soul a little bit, but you’re stuck because it’s freezing cold outside (and sometimes inside, too)… Here is a wee multiple-part series describing how I do wintering outside. This first part covers pre-trail preparation, clothing and footwear.

Brightness, 2.12.

Mmk. Food is in my stomach. We continue. Here are two important pieces of background information, one involving winter hiking, and the other about Quebec trails.

Now, at the risk of making you nervous, I am going to say that snowshoeing on top of streams…

Yeeesh Maweesh

Yeeeesh. Slow going here, kids. At least it’s pretty. Look at it. These pictures were brought to you with much losing the trail, slogging through deep wet snow, being rained on, pack frame breaking, inflatable pad deflating forever, holes generating in…

Ohhh Canada

Dear Hooligans,

Canada is great. At first, I was expecting the igloos to be very cold; but as it turns out, the Canadians have a good thing going up here. Who knew ice houses could be so warm??